About 4 to 5

Contrary to popular belief on campus at Notre Dame, being an ally makes you part of the majority.

“Four out of Five. Four out of five college students, or college educated people between the ages of eighteen and thirty in the United States right now support the general package of gay civil rights…. Eighty percent of you support my rights, you only think that it’s about a third of you.”

–Brian Sims, 2011 Rally for Diversity

Facilitated by the Progressive Student Alliance, the 4 to 5 Movement is a broad coalition with a simple message: as allies, we are part of the majority.  So let’s start acting like it.  Let our voices that have been silenced by the one-in-five person be heard.

Join the 4 to 5 Movement and make it clear that you are a part of the majority who supports a welcoming and safe environment on campus for members of the community who identify as LGBTQ!

Watch this video of PSA officers Alex Coccia, Jackie Emmanuel, and Joanna Whitfield being interviewed for NDtv to learn more about 4 to 5 Movement.

Our Goals


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