The Coalition

The 4 to 5 Movement Coalition is comprised of Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, clubs and groups, departments and administrative bodies, alumni/ae, and any non-Notre Dame groups that support full inclusion for LGBTQ members of our community.

A member group of the 4 to 5 Movement Coalition

  • supports ally involvement in the Movement;
  • supports taking actions that promote a safe and welcoming environment at the University of Notre Dame for LGBTQ members of our community;
  • and acknowledges that the addition of “sexual orientation” to the nondiscrimination clause and the recognition of an official gay-straight alliance student club are two important means to achieve the goal of inclusion.

The following is the list of members of the 4 to 5 Movement Coalition.  If your group would like to show its support for our efforts at Notre Dame, please email and provide the name of your group and a link to your webpage.

In addition to the members of the 4 to 5 Movement Coalition, the following Notre Dame academic departments have chosen to adopt an inclusionary statement, posted on their respective websites: