Belize it or not!

This is a photo taken from our boat looking out onto the sandy shores of Belize.

     Belize is one of those place that you have to blink twice and rub your eyes when you see just to make sure it isn’t a dream. It is truly majestic. From the sandy white shores to the multi-colored houses to the down home attitude of the locals, it’s a place that promotes ultimate relaxation and has a culture that is exciting to submerse yourself into…even if it’s just for a short while. My family and I visited Belize during Christmas break in 2008. During our trip, we enjoyed activities like snorkling, lobster diving, alligator feeding, sun bathing, and much much more (pictures to follow). Traveling by boat from Cancun to Belize was an experience in and of itself. The rough, choppy waters made us a virtual advertisement for Dramamine as we all struggled to get our sea legs for the short but treacherous trek over to this magnificent island.

     Living on a boat, you have to learn to ignore the constant movement brought on by waves, currents, and other passing boats that is inevitable and simply unavoidable. Once we got to Belize, however, it was clear that the slight hue of green in all of our faces was worth it. The turquoise, cyan, and celeste coloring of the water made it easy to peer down to the ocean floor to see a world full of color and life. Exploring these waters was just as rewarding as exploring the land. We spent an afternoon with a local fisherman catching and procuring fresh seafood for a cookout on this beach. He started the fire from scratch using beach wood and cooked our delicacies using ingredients and tools he had either made or acquired over time. It was very Man vs. Wild meets Castaway meets Survivor. Regardless, it was a meal I will never forget.

     The locals are constantly gathering fresh fruit, vegetables and locally grown crops to make their food. You won’t find any of that American processed stuff around these parts. Belize is really one of those places you read about in a fiction novel. It may be small, but it left a big lasting impression on me. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking to get away from their high-stress busy lives in exchange for a place that offers complete tranquility and simplicity.