Panama Canal –> Panama City

Panama Canal-passing through the Gatun Locks

┬áThe Panama Canal was an experience I will never forget. It took many hours, multiple canal workers, thousands of gallons of water, and some serious man power to get the Fighting Irish through in one piece…but boy was it cool! There are 3 pairs of locks, so 6 in total. It is a long, slow process but it is something that I suggest every person should experience once in their lifetime. You enter from the gulf and enter the locks to remain stationary while water fills beneath you. The water brings you up to a certain height and then the locks release you into a waterway that leads you to the next set of locks. There are canal workers working tirelessly the entire time, some on land and others on the boat to ensure that all goes smoothly. Because we went through at night, we supplied the workers with plenty of caffeine and some good tunes to keep them awake and alert. As I recall it took about 6 hours or so to complete the whole process but all 6 hours were spent outside watching us coast down waterways or rise/fall according to water heights. The actual locks themselves are mechanical wonders. They work so flawlessly and have for decades upon decades. Once you exit the canal you are on your way to Panama City, which is a place to visit all in it’s own. Check out the photo below!

Panama City, a view from the wheelhouse.