About Me

My research falls under the general area of Human Computer Interaction with an emphasis on Information Visualization. I study end users with data analysis and general computing problems, identify their needs, design, build and evaluate interfaces that support them directly rather than force them to change their ways to match the machine and existing approaches. I am especially interested in complex data analysis problems where there are opportunities to take advantage of the human perceptual system to help people make sense of their data through visual analysis.

In addition to my responsibilities as an Associate Professor of Computer Science here at Notre Dame, I am also the Assistant Dean of Diversity and Special Initiatives in the College of Engineering. In this position, I strive to support the College and the University as a whole to maintain excellence in all aspects of scholarship by leveraging diversity of thought. Such diversity can only come from people with varying life experiences in all aspects including gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc. In my role as Assistant Dean, I work to support efforts to build a diverse faculty and student body, and to support our faculty and students as they strive for success at Notre Dame.