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Clubs and Organization Leaders: Student Activities is sponsoring a contest to identify some of the most creative design, advertising, and promotion for events and activities on campus. There are four categories for the contest:

  • T-Shirts
  • Black and White Posters
  • Full Color Posters
  • Websites

A panel of Student Activities staff members will evaluate submissions, and winners of each category will receive $75 for their club or organization.  In addition, the top submissions will be entered into a national contest to compete against print and web design pieces created by student organizations on other college/university campuses. We’ll also feature some of the best designs here on our blog.

TO ENTER: Email the design (pdf, eps, tiff or jpeg) to mhavlik@nd.edu no later than the last day of class (Thursday, December 9) at 5pm. Please include the name of the student who designed the work.

Images of FYO

We were popping up all over campus this weekend checking out all of the FYO events coordinated by the residence hall orientation staffs. Without a doubt, ND students are at their most creative when they are devising new and interesting ways to challenge one another with icebreakers and contests on the quad. Check out the photos below and click on each to view a larger version.

Four years ago, SAOnline was launched. On Friday morning last week, the 10,000th request was fully approved in the system. It is a remarkable milestone, albeit one that will receive little to no public fanfare.

Every day, students log-in to SAOnline and complete requests for approval for the myriad activities that populate student life throughout the year. A request to reserve a weekly club meeting space for the semester. A request to imprint a scarf adorned with a residence hall mascot and the ND monogram. A series of requests that result in the to invite hundreds or even thousands of participants to a fundraising benefit on the quad. Nearly every organized student life event was developed by student leader planning and execution, and the first step in the process was often an SAOnline request.

Through SAOnline, we know how involved you are in cultivating student life on campus. It isn’t a small number of students that actively participate in clubs and organizations at Notre Dame. More than 2,000 individual students were responsible for at least one of our 10,000 approved requests to date.

We just updated the system to better serve you as well, so check it out. The entire SAOnline system was built based upon feedback from student leaders and our resources and services for students will only grow if you continue to provide that feedback. Keep letting us know what you think and make suggestions about how we can improve.

Welcome back to campus and have a great 2010-11 year.

the student life

Welcome to the student life, a blog created by the Student Activities Office. We’re taking some time this summer to work with this new blog platform in preparation for the fall semester. We are looking forward to using this space to introduce a variety of discussion topics:

  • SAO, student group and other campus-wide programs
  • Student leadership opportunities and resources
  • Reflections on daily student life experiences
  • … and more

If you have an idea for a new topic or just want to get to know more about SAO and our programs, leave a comment here or email us at sao@nd.edu. As always, find out about the latest campus-wide events at sao.nd.edu/events. Go Irish!

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