I am a PhD candidate in the History and Philosophy program at the University of Notre Dame. I work primarily on the philosophy of symmetries and quantum mechanics,  but I am also interested in  laws of nature and dispositions. Currently, I am writing a dissertation on the empirical significance of symmetries.

Over the past several years, I wrote Física Paso a Paso,  a physics textbook aimed at helping students transition from high school physics into college physics. If you want to know more about the book, please click on “Física Paso a Paso,” on the top menu.

I have just completed a year-long project that involved  digitizing all the issues  of the informal journal Epistemological Letters. This is a significant yet difficult to find publication that run during the 70s, and in it we can find the very first extensive discussions about the nature of hidden variables in the light of the Bell inequalities.  The digitized files will be available soon, but if you want more information feel free to contact me!

CUrriculum vitae

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