About the book / Acerca del libro

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Física Paso a Paso is a textbook (in Spanish) published by Ediciones Uniandes that aims to help students going from high school to college improve their foundations in physics before moving into more advanced courses. It accomplishes this task by providing step by step solutions to over a hundred  problems and utilizing considerably more illustrations than other textbooks on the market today. The topics covered are vectors, kinematics, projectiles, forces, and energy.

 The book does not assume that the reader has already acquired a solid background in math or physics but instead seeks to help beginners in clear yet dynamic ways. It could be included in introductory physics courses as either a primary text or as a suggested reading for those students who need to improve their foundations and also their skills at solving physics problems.

Besides the fact that there are no other comparable Spanish physics textbooks that solve problems at the level of detail found in this publication, the book is also innovative in that it incorporates elements of Latin American life through references to sporting figures and Colombian popular culture.  Also, in contrast to most physics books in the market, the book actively works to reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of Latin America, and it is more affordable than traditional textbooks (which are usually Spanish translations of American books). For these reasons, Física Paso a Paso will be especially appealing to latino/a students, and hispanic students more generally.

The book can be found in a printed version here, and in a digital version  here. It works in PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones (for tablets and smartphones, you need to download the free app Google Play Books).