Why Notre Dame?

I’m not sure that I can fully answer that question.  The Notre Dame Center for Arts & Culture was designed to include the Segura Arts Studio.  Planning for the Center started at the Institute for Latino Studies in 2007.  Now the Center is University-wide.

The studio seeks to be actively engaged with the community, with local artists, with students, faculty and staff from the surrounding colleges and universities.  Our goal is to collaborate with artists from traditionally underrepresented groups, ensuring that their work is included in important collections.  Much of the artwork includes social and/or political messages.

As artists come to the studio to produce new work there will be ample opportunities to engage with members of the community.  We also intend to work closely with representatives from the surrounding colleges and universities to include an academic component to our future collaborations.

Given the Center’s location in South Bend, Indiana on W. Washington St., in what used to be a Community Center – the studio is certainly in the right place at the right time.  The studio’s goal converges nicely with the University’s goal…

“…to build a Notre Dame that is bigger and better than ever – a great Catholic university for the 21st century, one of the pre-eminent research institutions in the world, a center for learning whose intellectual and religious traditions converge to make it a healing, unifying, enlightening force for a world deeply in need.”

Rev. John Jenkins, C.S.C., President, University of Notre Dame

The studio will soon be in production, collaborating with important artists whose work helps heal, unify, and enlighten a world deeply in need.

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