GIS Data & Projects

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Student work – MGA Class of 2019

  • Evidence and Implications of Gerrymandering in Louisiana – by Steven Wagner
  • School Shootings and Gun Control in the U.S. – by Jenna Ahn
  • Shelter Affordability in Canada: Overview and Effects – by Patrick Calderon
  • Recommended Location for a New Primary Health Care Facility in Nigeria – by Dorcas Omowole
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Water Stress and Conflicts in India – by Sofia del Valle Trivelli
  • The Impact of Transportation Infrastructures on Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam – by Ngoc Thang
  • Flood Hazard and Human Development in Pakistan – by Mehak Anjum Siddiquei
  • Political Implication of Residential Segregation: A Spatial Analysis – by Shuyuan Shen
  • Renewable Energy & Emissions: A Coordination Problem – by Jamie McClung
  • Household Food Security and Agricultural Production in the United States – by Caroline Andridge