The Events

I Was Born For This is an interdisciplinary sacred music drama that, taking as a point of departure the iconic film The Passion of Joan of Arc by C.T. Dreyer and the inspired oratorio Voices of Light by Richard Einhorn, reflected on the power of a single person to change history and affect other creative individuals in unexpected ways. After a period of co-creativity between artists, a series of events took place between April 4 and 6, 2014 at the University of Notre Dame, involving faculty, guest master artists and young artists with integral participation of students and members of the community.  The  original art installation I was born for this was created through a process of nesting the ideas and images generated by the film and the oratorio, but also scholarship about Joan and the arts, excerpts from the trial, political commentary, and testimony by other artists and personalities through history. After experiencing a panel discussion, the film and the oratorio, the audience was also invited to intervene the axis of the installation, by writing their own commentary on a tree trunk representing the stake.

Sacred Music at Notre Dame, producer of this project,  thanks all the artists, scholars and musicians for their artistry and generosity.  We especially stand in admiration of the creators of the interactive installation I was born for this, Gwendolyn Terry, Charlie Simokaitis and Christopher Preissing, for a stunning art work that coalesced all the humanistic and artistic threads of this project. The technical team led by Sarah Prince and Doug Hildeman at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center was exemplary. We thank also all those who attended the oratorio and the installation for your warm reception and co-creative participation. It was worth every effort!

Carmen-Helena Téllez, Artistic Director


Schedule of Events

April 4, 5:00 pm, Philbin Theater: Opening of the Art Installation I Was born for This, by Gwendolyn Terry, Christopher Preissing and Charlie Simokaitis, with assistance by Jay Strommen and Jake Reily, conceptual curation by  Daniel Hobbins and Don Crafton  (installation hours: Friday, 5-10:30pm, Saturday, 1-8:30pm, Sunday, 12:30-6pm)

April 4, 6:30, Leighton Hall: Pre-Concert Panel with all the artists and scholars

April 4, 7:30, Leighton Hall: Presentation of the film The Passion of Joan of Arc by C.T. Dreyer with the oratorio Voices of Light for chorus and orchestra by Richard Einhorn

Performed by:

Abigail Mitchell, soprano

Jacquelyn Matava, mezzo-soprano

Benjamin Liupaogo, tenor

Connor Lidell, baritone

Notre Dame Vocale: Samantha Osborn, Anna Cooper, Halle McGuire, Jamie Caporizo

Notre Dame Festival Chorus and Orchestra, Daniel Stein Concertmaster

Carmen-Helena Téllez, Artistic and Music Director