Association for Craft Producers

The Association for Craft Producers (ACP) is the umbrella fair trade organization our students collaborate with. An amazing organization founded in 1984 by international fair trade activist and social entrepreneur Meera Bhattarai, ACP started the fair trade movement in Nepal and works with thousands of disadvantaged artisans all over Nepal.

Learn more about ACP

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Design that matters

Where does one begin to build a better world. At Notre Dame, it starts with a design. A design informed by a commitment to social justice and responsibility, an entrepreneurial spirit and the belief that design can create opportunity in the face of inequality. For those that are disadvantaged, disenfranchised or disabled, the power and promise of design to create opportunity and contribute to social betterment drives our students and faculty.

Social design at Notre Dame encompasses a variety of faculty research and student projects, dedicated to addressing the myriad of social, humanitarian and global concerns. This site will introduce you to some of these projects within the graphic and industrial design disciplines.

Our work is guided by the belief that one design can change an industry, a community, a life.

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