SPES Rapid Deploy Shelter

The SPES Rapid Deploy Shelter was designed to be a low-cost, refugee shelter that can be easily shipped, distributed and built in post-disaster or refugee situations.

Based on a traditional Mongolian yurt, the concept incorporated a high-efficiency rocket stove and chimney that functioned as the central supporting element. This critical feature offered the ability to prepare food, which other shelters do not address. The concept was designed, prototyped and tested at Notre Dame.

To continue testing, two prototypes were deployed in Nepal with internally displaced refugee families. The shelters were built by locals and two families began using them immediately. A return visit a year later to the field site found that families were still using the shelters, although they had reinforced elements. The stove was still in continual use, a testament to the need and durability of the design.

Shelter concept one year later

Master’s thesis project designed by Kyle Walters, M.F.A. 2007