Tumbo Umbilical Cord Cutter

460,000 infants die from infections caused by unsterile cutting of the umbilical cord. No child should die being born.

While most first world approaches use disposable concepts to attempt to provide sterility, Tumbo uses an innovative thermoplastic locking mechanism that locks the cutter in place until it is boiled.

Early prototyping and concept sketches

After boiling, the mechanism will deform allow the cutter to reopen and can be used again having been sterilized. Together with an anti-microbial polymer and a ceramic blade, the product will effectively minimize the risk of fatal infections such as neonatal tetanus.

The designer Ashley Ceniceros was honored as the Notre Dame IDSA Merit Award Winner and went on to be selected as the Midwest District Merit Winner, and one of the five best industrial design students in the country.

The Tumbo umbilical cord cutter is a senior thesis project designed by Ashley Ceniceros, B.F.A. 2008 in fulfillment of the requirements for a BFA.