Assessment Summary and Timeline


Summer Service Collaborative – Summary and Timeline for Assessment/Research

October 24-26, 2012


Purpose of research:  Evaluate the impact of summer service immersion experiences on students from a variety of colleges and universities.


Participants: Those who have summer immersions of four or more weeks with preparation and follow-up.


Definition of Summer Service Immersion Programs


In higher education, summer service immersion programs create/ craft (not all will be new as implied with create)teaching, learning and research strategies that integrate meaningful community engagement with instruction and reflection to enrich the educational experience, foster  civic responsibility, examine and identify systemic causes of social issues, and strengthen communities.


Rubric – What do we expect students to learn? To be posted on website.


Next steps:

Hone rubric –  Chairs for each criterion

Who will house the survey and who will process it? Jeff will look into this at Stanford


Choose questions from those that have been used previously


  • Use the Notre Dame list and vote as a group on what to use (related to rubric)
    • start with a small set of questions
  • Have 2 open-ended questions, too
  • Can multiple schools access Qualtrics?
  • Each institution can add the questions to their existing surveys and then report the data
    • numbering needs to be the same
  • Do some need to get IRB approval?


What demographic information do we ask for:


  • where they lived during immersion (with other students, with other people besides students, at home, at the site, with host families, other)
  • how long was the immersion ( between 4 and 12 weeks)
  • in the U.S. or abroad
  • for credit/not for credit
  • class year
  • major/minor
  • gender







  • Andrea will contact those who were not at the meeting.


  • Rubric committees will fine tune their section by Nov. 27 and send update to Andrea.


  • Rubric is sent to everyone before the call.


  • Nov. 30 – Friday, 11:00 am Eastern time – Conference call to finalize rubric and begin to look at questions for the survey.




  • Questions selected by Dec. 15.




  • Survey is prepared.




  • Written survey is sent to everyone. 


  • Get IRB approval, if necessary.




  • Students take pre- survey (before orientation/preparation sessions)