Rubric draft


Criterion 4 3 2 1 Volunteer chair
Ability to be self-reflective and synthesize experience Provides evidence of experience in civic-engagement activities, relates what they have learned and experienced to who they are becoming, and identifies internal struggles and growth.       Andrea
Ability to integrate experiential and academic knowledge Connects and extends knowledge (facts,theories, etc.) from coursework to civic engagement and to participation in civic life, politics, and government.       Rosemary
Personal and social (civic) responsibility Articulates a continued commitment to public action with a plan consistent with a strong sense of civic identity.       Jeff
Understanding of systemic causes Articulates a complex understanding of the role social structures play in systematizing social issues (inequality, privilege, etc.) and personal involvement in those structures.       Angela
Respects diversity of communities and cultures Demonstrates evidence of adjustment in own attitudes and beliefs because of working within and learning from diversity of communities and cultures. Recognizes community assets and challenges. Promotes others’ engagement with diversity.       Marianne