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Dr. Sunny Boyd’s email address:  boyd.1 at

Dr. Boyd’s office phone number:  574-631-5021

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556 USA

Lab phone: 574-631-5022; Department fax: 574-631-7413

Lab Location: #269, 272 & 299F Galvin Life Sciences Bldg


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  1. Maria

    Do you offer positions for undergraduates or post grads to assist with research?

    1. Sunny

      We do occassionally have positions for undergraduates and post-grads with bachelor’s degrees. However, at the moment, we do not have any openings at these levels. We ARE looking for a post-doctoral fellow with expertise in animal behavior. The post-doctoral project focuses on mate choice and sexual selection processes and includes field and laboratory components. Candidates with expertise in study of vocal communication systems are especially encouraged to apply.

  2. Malav

    I would like to apply for PhD in Biological Sciences starting spring 2013. I was wondering if you have open PhD student positions in the department. Would you consider an admission if you have open position(s)?


    1. Sunny

      You can find more information about the departmental graduate program here:
      We only rarely accept students for spring start dates but you can apply by following the instructions on the website. It is impossible to predict in advance how many openings we will have in the future. Thank you for the inquiry.

  3. komaragiri

    Dear Dr. Boyd,

    I saw that you had a position in your lab for a summer internship. Is it strictly limited to undergraduate students?

    I am an international masters student in neuroscience. I am not a current student at the University of Notre Dame. Would you still consider my application?


    1. Sunny

      Thank you for inquiring. I am afraid the position we have available is specifically for undergraduates. It is a requirement of the funding agency.

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