Ph.D. Students Recruiting

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[Please read through the bottom of this page before contacting me. Thank you!]

About the University of Notre Dame

Both ND and CSE@ND have been highly recognized worldwide (data of 2018).

  • ND being one of the “Hidden Ivies” – link
  • ND ranked #15 in the U.S. and #1 in Indiana – link
  • ND ranked #19 in the U.S. – link
  • CS of CSE@ND ranked #49 in the U.S. – link

Required qualifications

  • Being self-motivated, hard-working, and mature
  • Being able to learn any new language within a reasonable time frame
  • Being able to use Linux/Unix systems
  • CS Backgrounds corresponding to the final degree (i.e. core course contents)
  • Having the backgrounds/interest in the areas mentioned in the main page.

Messages to prospective students

I am a quite flexible and friendly person. I try to provide the best environment for the students I work with, and my first-priority goal is to let all students working with me achieve their best success. If you want to be let alone, I will not micromanage you as long as I am convinced that you are on a good trajectory. If you want every detail to be advised by me, I will also do so. Those are two extreme cases, and I can be anywhere in between depending on your preference and progress. 
If you want to work with me for your Ph.D. degree, please email me before submitting your application. It will give your application more chance to be accepted. Due to excessive volume of inquiry emails, I humbly ask you to include the following items in the email. That will expedite our communication. Without these, it is very likely that I will move on to the next email due to the lack of information.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • English proficiency test scores (if you are an international applicant) / GRE scores with percentiles (if you have taken the exam)
  • A brief description of your research interest
    • Please explain how your interest is related to the “areas of focus” mentioned in the main page.
    • For example, if you are interested in doing research in machine learning & data analysis for cybersecurity / cryptocurrency / blockchain-based deep learning, I am unable to advise you because our group does not do research in those areas.
  • Sample publications (if applicable)

Also, when you apply to the Ph.D. program (link), please add me as one of your potential faculty advisors. It also helps if you mention your strong interest in my research as well as my name in your Statement of Purpose (SoP).