Take Ten volunteer reflects on the culture of violence today

By Catherine Peck-Phillips, Take Ten Volunteer

I believe that the culture of violence makes it both easier and more difficult to teach Take Ten. With the constant exposure to violence that is prevalent in our society, kids learn to identify with violence easily and can learn to avoid in the same way.

In teaching Take Ten, the kids know exactly how to identify violence and can recognize when to use the skills learned through the Take Ten program. Having a constant exposure to violence desensitizes kids and gives the illusion that violence is commonplace or socially acceptable. This makes teaching Take Ten harder because kids genuinely don’t see violence as a thing that should be eliminated. They see violence as a part of life and don’t see why they should work to eradicate these bad practices. Take Ten volunteers work to make kids realize that violence is never okay and teach them what to do when a violent situation arises.

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