Blogger of the week shares her thoughts on eliminating violence

By Amy Porter, Take Ten Volunteer, Seminar Student, and Blogger of the Week

If I could eliminate one cause of violence it would definitely be the media. The media provides our society with violent television shows, movies, music and advertisements. Although eliminating other types of violence would be beneficial, ridding society of violence through media sources would change the way we think, live, and engage in activities. If children were no longer bombarded with fights, guns, gangs and other forms of violence every time they turned on the television or computer, I think we would be surprised how greatly our culture of violence would change. The media has the ability to actively promote non-violence. As a society, we need to realize that amount of violence received through media sources is unhealthy and needs to be addressed.

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1 Response to Blogger of the week shares her thoughts on eliminating violence

  1. Melanie Myers says:

    I can not disagree that media are the weapon of violence in the modern society we live in. Almost every movie contains scenes of violence or murder which can be seen as role-modeling by the younger spectators who are still vulnurable.

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