Students offer words of wisdom to AmeriCorps member

By Lauren Kross, Take Ten AmeriCorps Member

One of my favorite moments with Take Ten so far happened last week. We got through the lesson with ease and the students were well behaved. At the end of the class, I told them that I would not be there the next week because I was taking a trip to Minnesota. Immediately, they all jumped to their feet and gave me a big group hug. Then, each of them gave me their “Road Trip Words of Wisdom.” One student told me to make sure that I had enough snacks because I would be hungry. Another advised me to fill my gas tank up often so I do not run out. Another told me to make sure I had enough music to listen to while I drive. The list goes on. Their thoughtfulness put a huge smile on my face and as I packed for my trip, I remembered their words of advice.

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