Volunteer regains happiness through teaching

By Anna Marie Boarini, Take Ten Volunteer

I have been volunteering with Take Ten for a few semesters and I really enjoy the work I do. There have been some really great memories, but my best memory ever came in December of last year.

I volunteer at an elementary school Wednesday mornings. The week before finals, my grandmother passed away on Tuesday. This was the night before my last Take Ten session with my students. I knew the class was not going to be easy to teach, but I also knew there was no better way to remember my grandmother than working with kids. My grandmother was a school mentor in Indianapolis for years and valued education with zeal attained by few people. It was a rough morning for me and honestly I was not even sure I would be able to make it through the class. When I walked into my classroom and all my kids were excited to see me, I knew I would be able to follow through to the end. My students did not have any better behavior than usual and it was just a normal day for them, but they changed my attitude completely. I was happy when helping them come up with their skits. Their laughter and joy was invigorating. Even though the next few days were going to be horrible, I knew that I could get through them.

I have some hilarious stories I can tell from my time with Take Ten, but this is my favorite memory. I loved that day in class just because it was so normal. The kids were able to make me smile and laugh when I thought it was impossible to do so. They were so awesome that day and really did make me happy; even though they had no idea I lost my grandmother the night before.

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