Take Ten Reflection by Torey Tokarski

                Throughout my four years teaching Take Ten, not only have I taught students about non-violent conflict resolution, but the students have taught me a couple of important lessons too. The first is that not everything will be perfect, but that’s okay. Sometimes you will not finish a class in time or the students will ask questions that are important, but go a little off-topic. If you have to deviate from your lesson plan or modify it, that is perfectly fine. As long as the students are engaged and learning the overall lessons that you are there to teach, then you are doing your job.
               The second lesson that the students have taught me is how to persevere. Some classes are engaged and respectful from the first day that you teach in the classroom, while others really know how to test your patience. But sometimes teaching the most challenging classes can be the most rewarding. Even when the students seem to ignore you or give you a hard time, they are still listening to what you are saying. I have taught in a couple classrooms that were quite difficult, but by the end of the semester, I could tell that the students had been learning and really listening to what I was saying.
               Overall, teaching Take Ten helps you make a difference in the community. However, Take Ten will also teach you important life lessons along the way!
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