Class Email List

Each semester Notre Dame creates a Google Group for every section of every course. This is a ready-made alternative to maintaining your own list in an email program. Messages are archived on a web page — a convenient way to access old announcements.

How to find the email address of your class

  • Open Inside ND.  Inside ND logo
  • Find “Online Photo” and click the icon to open the site.  online photo button
  • Choose the desired course.
  • Click the envelope icon.listserv button
  • A message box comes up, saying “You are mailing the following address(s):”
    email popup
  • Copy the address and add it to your email contacts list
  • To send a message right away, click “Mail this list.”

At Notre Dame


  1. Sakai Email Archive tool – create a group address to use from your regular email program; Sakai archives the messages in your course site.
  2. Sakai Announcements tool – post messages in your course site; students can elect to view them there or receive them as email.
  3. Sakai Email tool – send a message from your course site to all students or specific individuals; you can also select by role, section, or group.

[updated August 2018]