Collaborative Editing

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Google offers a suite of tools you can use to create and edit material that is saved in Google Drive. It can be shared with others or synced to a desktop. Multiple people can edit at the same time, so these are great for collaborative work. In most cases, you can import from (or export to) a Microsoft Office file, or download as a PDF. The applications are

  1. Google Docs – word processing
  2. Google Sheets – spreadsheet
  3. Google Slides – presentation
  4. Google Forms – online data collection, survey, poll, quiz …
  5. Google Drawings – graphics, charts, diagrams, pictures …
  6. Google Sites – website

More collaborative tools

  • Sakai Wiki tool – a way students can add content to Sakai. A wiki is a place where users can be allowed to contribute or modify content. Pages are archived so you can easily return to a prior state. Here is some help for the Sakai Wiki tool.
  • Others – MANY online tools offer ways to share documents and several of them allow collaborators to see changes in real time.

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[updated August 2018]