Document Camera

wolfvision document cameraA document camera is a digital camera mounted on an arm and connected to a projector or other display. The camera can zoom in on a flat object (e.g., a magazine) or three-dimensional one, like the flower in the photo at left. The camera on some units can be pointed away from the stand. Many classrooms at Notre Dame are equipped with the unit shown in the image or one like it.

FYI: this device is also referred to as an image presenter, visual presenter, digital visualizer, digital overhead, docucam, or Elmo.

Creative ways to use a document camera in a classroom include: project a printed math problem on and work it out; have a student annotate a copy of a text; manipulate pieces of paper to create a room design;  project sheet music and have students sing along; or act out a scene with clay figures, finger puppets, or tiny dolls.

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[updated August 2018]