E-books and readers

BryteWave screens

Electronic books or e-books are typically digital versions of printed books, but some are “born digital,” with features unavailable in the print medium. You can read e-books on a Kindle or other dedicated reader, but you can also use a tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone.

One of the advantages of e-books is that you can carry many of them on a single, lightweight device. It’s also easy to search an e-book for a specific quote or reference – and some readers allow you to save highlighting and personal notes. One of the disadvantages is that it’s generally not easy to share e-books with someone else.

The Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore uses a system called BryteWave to offer e-textbook rentals (see a video demo). If a digital edition of a book is available, students are presented with that option when they purchase a text.

At Notre Dame

[updated July 2017]