Use PowerPoint to create, organize, deliver, and update presentations with images, links, videos, and more. When used well, it can be very effective, but you’ll want to mix it with other strategies. Use images to help pose a thorny question or explain visual relationships. Clear a slide after discussing it and blank the screen during long pauses. Limit your use of animation and sound effects.

Prezi is a browser-based alternative to PowerPoint that creates a create a canvas of text, videos, and visuals. Identify a path among the items; as you view the presentation, Prezi zooms in on each one in turn. If an item is placed at an angle, the canvas rotates.

Google Slides is an alternative that lets multiple people edit the same presentation at one time.

Use SlideShare to share and deliver presentations on a web page or integrate them into Sakai. Here’s an example from a workshop on Presentation Zen.

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[updated July 2017]