Yep, this is the first post, nothing special, nothing fancy, just some words to fill up the time, but not much time as there’s not many words here, but just a run-on sentence that is not going to be grammatically correct or some such anywho (my grandma used this word a lot).

From the Urban Dictionary:

“AnyWho – Non-existant word. Used by rather obnoxious people who think it’s somehow a clever replacement for existant and perfectly fine conjunction “anyway”. Generally found annoying and triggers homocidal tendencies in people who know better.”

AnyWho – An extremely annoying misuse of the word “anyhow.” Generally used by people who think they’re being clever.
Anywho, how was your day?”
AnyWho –
1.)A way to start a conversation after a long silence or pause.
2.) A way to imply that you would like to change the subject during conversation, usually after an awkward statement or after the conclusion of a conversation.
3.) A way to prevent someone from speaking, usually to avoid a conflict or to prevent revealing or embarrasing information to be presented.
1.) “Anywho… how’s your cat doing?”
2.) -“Where were you? you’re an hour late!”
-“I’m late? You were supposed to meet
me down at the starbucks across the
street, not at this one!”


Anywho, I lied. There were more words.