“Welcome” (Lioret) on October 14th

An exerpt from an interview online with director Philippe Lioret:

The theme of my film is immigrants, but its subject is the drama between two couples. I wanted to explore this theme through the real life of people—those like you or me—who generally don’t know much about the problems of undocumented refugees and how, when confronted with the issue, it changes their lives.
Welcome is made of two love stories, but with complications because the two love stories crash against the walls of this strange and illogical world order. Without these two love stories I wouldn’t have had a movie but a documentary about immigrants. I’ve seen many of these documentaries—and they have all been very good—but unfortunately I don’t think people are necessarily moved by them. If people are interested in my film, it’s because it speaks to them emotionally.

RP: How did you develop the script?

PL: I spent six weeks living with immigrants and the volunteers in Calais, and after that learnt enough about these issues to write a script. I wanted a story that didn’t overdramatise things, but which contained real drama.

October 14, 9:30 pm
Browning Cinema
University of Notre Dame

Tickets are $6, $5 faculty/staff, $4 seniors, and $3 all students. To purchase tickets, contact the box office at 574-631-2800 or visit http://performingarts.nd.edu. Minors in European Studies can pick up free tickets at the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, 211 Brownson Hall.

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