About the Journal

Founded in 2004, the Journal of Undergraduate Research is a peer-reviewed, annual research publication in the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame. The editorial staff, consisting entirely of undergraduate students representing different departments in the College, reviews the submissions and chooses several to be highlighted by the Journal in both print and media form. The editors base their selections on criteria such as overall clarity of expression, quality and originality of research, originality of analysis, and scholarly approach.

All submissions are thoroughly vetted by the Journal’s editorial board, which selects a range of papers that will represent research across disciplines within all academic departments in the College of Arts and Letters. Papers are first reviewed in a multi-tier process by smaller groups of the editorial board, assembled to bring a variety of academic perspectives to the table. Ultimately, papers are debated by the board at large, after which a final decision is made on each submission.

The most outstanding submissions will be published in the hard copy of the Journal and on the Journal’s website, and additional selections will be published in the Journal’s online edition, as well. If necessary, Editors work together with authors on typically minor changes to arguments, structure, formatting and grammar before the Journal goes to press. The Journal is released early each May before spring semester exams.