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ISSOTL 2010 – Liverpool

We had a very enjoyable day-long, pre-conference working meeting on Tuesday, 18 October, led by Alan Jenkins and Mick Healey.  Here is a reminder from Alan and Mick about the follow up:


This is just to say many many thanks for all your contributions to the Liverpool seminar . Well thanks to you all, we are convinced that it was a really interesting and useful event. The framework/programme and program ….we developed required clear interesting targeted contributions ..from you all –and that’s what you did.  So thanks.  Alan (and Ray) could give a football analogy but will resist !

But now a gentle reminder:  By Nov 2nd to Robin :Robin@cur.og cc Alan and Mick

KEYNOTES:  Tom , Angela and Sue – PowerPoint of your talk  together with a c500 -1000 words synopsis

COMMENTATORS:  Paula, Ray , Phil and Neil a c500 word synopsis of your talk

FINAL PLENARY: Bill , Cecilia  and Stewart : c500 words synopsis of your talk

REPORTERS: a c500 word report of say 3 key issues or conclusions that came out of ‘your’ small group discussion during the day.  It may or may not be appropriate for one to be from each of the three discussion topics – viz the nature of undergraduate research, national systems, and institutional practices and policies.That is for you to decide.

AND ALAN , MICK AND ROBIN?:  Well Robin will produce a web site and then Alan and Mick will publicise it on web sites and Kelly well be ensuring that  a report of this /drawing full attention to the web site goes in the CUR Quarterly .

Alan and Mick

What is the AUR-SIG?

Welcome to the blog site for the ISSOTL Special Interest Group on Advancing Undergraduate Research (AUR-SIG)!  This site is intended for colleagues who are interested in exchanging ideas about undergraduate research.   AUR-SIG is an international, interdisciplinary network for faculty and administrators who are interested in investigating undergraduate research through the lens of the scholarship of teaching and learning. We strive to help institutions define undergraduate research and develop assessments to evaluate student learning through research and scholarship across disciplines and individual institutions. We encourage collaborations among interest group members, particularly projects that promote scholarly research on student learning through undergraduate research. We also share resources, disseminate findings, and provide support for institutions to carry out best practices in undergraduate research. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Cecilia Lucero at clucero@nd.edu.