Say What?

As a new employee to Notre Dame or to University Relations, you’ll hear many acronyms and terms that may make you believe we speak a foreign language. Listed below is a handy cheat sheet of some that we’ve captured.  Please contact Linda Klaybor if you have questions about these or any others that may need clarification.


Acronym Definition Department Purpose
AA Administrative Assistant Job Title
AAD Academic Advancement Director Job Title
AFE Academy for Excellence Fundraiser Initiative
APF Alumni, Parents & Friends Constituents in Advance
BATPA Building a Trusted Philanthropic Advisor Fundraiser Training
BEAT Benefactor Event Activity Tracker Tickets, Parking, Events
BOTFL Business on the Front Lines Mendoza College of Business funding priority
CASE Council for the Advancement and Support of Education Professional Network
CCP Campus Crossroads Project University Initiative
CFR Corporate and Foundation Relations Department
CSC Center for Social Concerns Department
CSC Congregation of Holy Cross Division
E2E Engineering2Empower University Initiative
EAB Education Advisory Board Professional Network
EfE Endowment for Excellence Allocation type
ESC Eddy Street Commons Office Location
FOAPAL Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity & Location Accounting
FY Fiscal Year Term
GIA Grant in Aid Athletic Scholarship
HM Hiring Manager Job Title
HRC Human Resources Consultant Job Title
JAG John Affleck-Graves VP – UND
KPA Key Performance Activities Growth Sport Activity
LOD Learning and Organizational Development Department
OAD Organizational Analysis and Design Restructure/Configuration
OIT Office of Information Technologies Division
OPAC Office of Public Affairs & Communications Division
PLC President’s Leadership Committee Networking
RCLC Robinson Community Learning Center Department
SES Special Events & Stewardship Department
SPORT Strategic Alignment, Personnel Performance, Operational Execution, Results Accountability, Team Strength Organizational Excellence Elements
SRD Senior Director Job Title
SRI Strategic Research Initiatives Academic Purpose
UR University Relations Division