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Separation / Transfer Toolkit


  1. Voluntary Separation/Transfer Toolkit
  2. Involuntary Separation Toolkit

Voluntary Separation or Transfer

Introduction. In order to responsibly orchestrate the steps required when an employee voluntarily leaves the University or transfers to another department on campus, the following steps have been designed to assist with ensuring a smooth transition for the department and for the transitioning employee.

Important steps to take within 7 business days from notification of departure:

  1. Obtain a letter of resignation from the employee. This letter should not only express the employee’s intent to leave, but also a date from which to work through operational transitions. A letter of resignation is not required for Temporary/OnCall positions. Sample resignation letter (DOC).
  2. (for transferring employees) Coordinate transition with the department into which employee is transferring. Determine date of transition and plan for transfer of work until position is filled.
  3. Complete a Separation Form or Personnel Action Form. For separating employees, a Separation Form (Excel) should be completed and forwarded to Human Resources. For transferring employees, the hiring department should complete the Staff Personnel Action Form (Excel) form and forwarded to Human Resources.
  4. (for separating employees only) Provide to employee the Important Information for Separating Employees (PDF) information sheet.
  5. Obtain (or create, if one does not exist) the employee’s Employee Asset/Access Inventory Checklist (Excel). Please follow the directions on the Inventory Checklist. Identify the electronic and physical files that only serve the employees within your work unit. Retrieve work files, books and other materials that belong to the University. Employee should take any personal items.
  6. Conduct a final performance review with the employee. Capture the performance activity and behaviors you most recently observed. Schedule a meeting with the employee to discuss the final review and provide the employee with a copy.
  7. Conduct an exit interview with the employee. Use the opportunity to learn more about your work unit and why the individual left.
  8. Confirm the employee’s vacation bank balance. This is a compounding expense, so accurate accounting at transition is key. If assistance is needed, contact Payroll at ext. 1-7575

Involuntary Separation or Transfer

Introduction. In order to responsibly orchestrate the steps required when handling an involuntarily separation from the University, the following steps have been designed to assist managers/supervisors with the process.

  1. Ensure corrective action steps have taken place. All suspensions and terminations must be vetted and approved by both the respective HR Consultant and the office of General Counsel
  2. HR Consultant and manager should work together to formulate a separation plan: when, where, who, etc.
  3. Execute separation plan – day of preparation
  4. Communicate separation plan to employee – actual meeting
  5. Complete the Employee Asset/Access Inventory Checklist (Excel)
  6. If immediate suspension of access to systems is necessary, complete the Immediate Computer Access Suspension Request (PDF).
  7. Send Separation Form (Excel) to Human Resources as early as possible.
  8. Draft communication to staff to explain who is leaving, when and how operations will be handled moving forward, and any recruiting plan. Work with your HR Consultant to develop a communication that is appropriate for the situation.

Additional resources:

Employee Asset/Access Inventory Checklist (Excel)
Employee Separation Form (Excel)
Employee Separation Form instructions (PDF)
Important Information for Separating Employees (PDF)
Immediate Access Suspension Request
Sample resignation letter (DOC).
Staff Personnel Action Form (Excel)
Separation / Transfer Toolkit Communications Brief – July 2, 2013 (PDF)