University Relations Hiring Manager Transition List

Hiring Managers –

When one of your employees is departing from his/her current position, please complete the following within 7 business days of their departure notice.

Connect with Employee

  1. Discuss separation intent with the employee and direct him/her to the Important Information for Separating Employees page.
  2. Inform employee (fundraiser) to turn off find my iPad feature or provide user information to departmental IT
  3. Obtain a letter of resignation from the employee expressing the intent to leave and date of departure. A letter of resignation is not required for Temporary/OnCall positions. Sample resignation letter (DOC). Send to DBM, LOD, Recruiting and Senior Mgt  (Due 24 hours after intent was discussed).*
  4. Inform DBM of scheduled exit interview date
  5. Provide HRC contact information.


*List of individuals to receive information on exit of the employee.

LOD – Bryan Reaume
Recruiting – Ann Moran
LODC – Gretchen Neely
DBM – Mary Ellen Koepfle

Meet with Employee

  1. Conduct final performance review (
  2. Discuss Exit Interview questions/answers.
  3. Complete Employee Asset Inventory Checklist.


Collect Provisioned Items**

  1. Collect ALL provisioned electronics and provide to LODC.
  2. Collect ALL keys, ID and Parking cards and provide to LODC.
  3. Collect ALL provisioned cards and provide to LODC.

** This could include computer/laptop, ID/Parking cards, credit cards, etc..see Employee Asset Inventory Checklist

Communicate Changes

  1. Provide exit write-up for UR intranet to LODC.
  2. Begin job posting process (if applicable).