Camino de Santiago

We just finished day 5 of walking. At this point we are averaging 12-14 miles a day. We will set off walking at 7 in the morning, take a few breaks and arrive at the next town at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I not going to lie Walk ND, it has been rough!  My feet hurt and I am so tired but it is getting better. The sore legs and blisters have been the worst. There are many pilgrims we meet along the way and we all try to eat together. I began to complain to a Dutch man who just graduated from medical school and was celebrating by bicycling from Amsterdam to Santiago. His response was “how do you expect your body to heal properly if you do not feed it or hydrate it properly?”  How true. These are words we can all live by. I am trying to be better at drinking plenty of water and stretching more. If I want my body to keep up, I need to give it what it needs.

Well, enough complaining!  The views while we are walking are amazing and they help to keep you from thinking about your aching feet.

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