El Camino De Santiago

Well Walk ND we have made it 250 km (I am too tired to convert that to miles at this time. It has been going well but it seems like once you get over one ailment another emerges. The blisters are no longer a problem but l knee pain kicks in. The joke is that you do not focus on what hurts but what hurts the most!

On the Camino we follow markers along trails, paths and even highways. The markers of the Camino are yellow arrows and shells. The markers are pretty easy to follow but there are times in big cities or if you you are not paying attention that you can get off track. Only a few times have we  gone astray but luckily a local will let us know we are going the wrong direction before we get to far off the path. How kind because I really do not feel the need to add any distance to our journey!


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