WalkND Feature Story – Emily

Meet Emily Hammock. Walk ND is new for her, as the Route 66 Challenge is her first experience with the program. Emily found out about the challenge because she goes to Rolf’s everyday and saw the Rt. 66 Challenge posters. Emily works in the Notre Dame Theology Department as the Undergraduate and Special Events Coordinator where she helps undergraduate theology students with activities such as registration and declaring majors. Some of Emily’s coworkers in the Theology Department are on Team Theo with her for the challenge. They try to walk on their lunch hour even though the weather has been keeping them inside lately. 

Lately, Emily has been on a fitness kick, because she is getting married this summer!  In addition to the Route 66 Challenge, Emily does a bunch of RecSports’ fitness classes, including Tabata, Yoga, and 20/20/20 classes.  Emily says the challenge provides a great incentive to walk more on campus instead of taking her car.  So far Walk ND has been a success for Emily and she is looking forward to find out what else the program will do in the future.

Week 1: Route 66 Team Challenge

Congratulations on finishing the first week of the WalkND Route 66 Team Challenge. So far, we have 21 teams registered! Please send your total step count from Feb 18 – Feb 24 to your team captain. Your captain will need to email your team’s total step count to walknd@nd.edu at the end of the day on Monday, Feb 25. The leader board will be updated by Wednesday, so check back!

Additional FAQ’s:

  • What happens if I drop my pedometer in the toilet?  Please stop by the RSRC or The Office of Human Resources to get a new pedometer.
  • How many steps do I need to walk each day?  Your goal throughout this challenge is to walk 10,000 steps each day to get your team to LA by Memorial Day.
  • Can I wear my pedometer when I run, bike, or exercise?  Yes! Every step counts. Wear your pedometer from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.
Questions? Email walknd@nd.edu for answers.