Now that the school year has kicked off, below is a list of reminders to help you start the
Fall semester on the right foot!

  • Try It, You’ll Like It!  Now through Sunday, September 1st stop in at the RSRC or Rockne Memorial and try all of our Fitness Classes for free.
  • Registration for Fitness, F.A.S.T. (Faculty & Staff Training) and Instructional classes begins tomorrow at 7:30 AM  via RecRegister. Registration continues throughout the semester if space is available in the class.

    New! RecRegister has a new look and includes user-friendly features just in time for the fall! Students, faculty, and staff will still use their net id and password to access RecRegister. Spouses must stop by the Rolfs Sports Recreation Center (RSRC)  in advance to obtain their unique id and password now required to log into RecRegister. If paying with cash or check, please visit the RSRC to complete the process. Learn to navigate the new site today so you are ready to go when registration opens on Aug. 29.

  • The WalkND Fall Challenge begins this Monday, September 2nd!  Gather your team of 5 and have fun this Fall tackling the Appalachian Trails.

Appalachian Trail Team Challenge

Appalachain PromoThe WalkND Appalachian Team Challenge is a virtual walk from Georgia to Maine along the famous Appalachian Mountain Trail (Total: 2, 200 miles – 4,400,000 steps). Teams of 5 people will track their steps every day and report their total step count to every Monday. The WalkND blog will track each teams progress across a map of the Appalachian Mountains and highlight fun and interesting stops along the way. Prizes and giveaways will be awarded throughout the challenge. Don’t have a team to join? A ‘free agency’ program will be available for people who may not have a team to join. Email to be assigned to a team. Every team who completes the challenge will be entered to win our grand prize raffle, a $100 gift certificate to Metro Run & Walk. CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up your team today.

Traverse City, MI

1200NACRAraceHave you reached 578,700 steps since starting this challenge on June 1?  If so, you’ve made it to Traverse City, MI.  The Traverse City area is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States. The city holds an annual week-long Cherry Festival in the first full week in July, attracting approximately 500,000 visitors annually. The surrounding countryside also produces grapes, and is one of the centers of wine production in the Midwest.

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El Camino De Santiago




Well Walk ND I made it!  I walked to Santiago!  It was hard, but a great experience to arrive in Santiago and see so many of the people I met along the way.

I learned a lot long the way, including, you don’t need as much stuff as you think. You determine quickly what you really need when you have to carry it for miles. I am thankful for the physical ability to complete the Camino and I am also thankful for ibuprofen because I would never made it to Santiago with it!  I also learned to turn my head when I walk. I have a habit of looking straight ahead towards my goal but if I turn my head I take in more of my surroundings and appreciate the trees, flowers and butterflies. So keep walking toward your goal, little by little you will get there!


I loved this as I was in the last stretch!
Inspiration comes in many forms!photo (2)


El Camino De Santiago

Photo2Walk ND, I hope you are having great walking weather!  It is hot in Spain which is not surprising but they are having a heat wave with hotter weather than normal. We try to avoid the heat by getting up at 5am and walk our distance by 12 or 1 so we are walking during the cooler part of the day. That means there is time for a nap in the afternoon before dinner then to bed to repeat the whole process again.

I cannot believe we have been walking for almost a month. We have taken a few days off but mostly walking every day. We are about 26 miles from Santiago so we plan to be there in 2 days. You receive a certificate (called a compostella) for completing the Camino but you only have to walk the last 100 km to receive the certificate. We have seen a significant increase in the number of people walking as we crossed the 100 km mark. It was a great feeling to find the 100 km marker (as shown in the picture!). The markers are every half km now so it is great to see the numbers go down as we walk in the morning.  I am looking forward to reaching Santiago and so are my feet!

Until then, let’s keep walking ND!

Ludington, MI

mediumIf you’re at 443,519 steps, you’ve reached Ludington, Michigan. Ludington is a harbor town located on Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Pere Marquette River. Many people come to Ludington year round for recreation, including boating and swimming on Lake Michigan, Hamlin Lake, and other smaller inland lakes, as well as hunting, fishing, and camping.

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El Camino De Santiago

The Camino has its own flow or energy to it. What ever you need, it is there. Please note I said “need” not want!  If it was “want” I would not be staying in hostels with 20 of my fellow pilgrims…10 of whom snore loudly all night…ear plugs are the way I am getting any sleep!  Back to “need”. My knee has been bothering me and I was heading down a hill that just aggravated the pain to the point of tears when a fellow pilgrim loaned me a walking stick that got me down the hill. I figured I should buy a walking stick to ease the stress on my joints and help with future terain but the next town was small and there was no chance of buying a walking stick for the next few days. The person running the hostel informed me of this news BUT he said, I have a walking stick left behind by another pilgrim that you can have. Need. That walking stick has been a life saver!  I have seen it countless times…someone asking “do you need after sun aloe” to someone with a bad sunburn.  Someone complaining of blisters and someone at the next table offers help. Need. When you only have the belongings on your back it is impossible to have everything you could possibly need but with such a community of pilgrims traveling the same road, someone else will have what you need.Mountains NDBlog

Muskegon, MI

CVBSlides_HeritageLanding318,911 steps up the coast is Muskegon, Michigan. Muskegon, Michigan, built on the fur and lumber trade, is now a calm vacation spot on Lake Michigan, calling itself “The Riviera of the Midwest.” Sunbathe on several beautiful beaches along Lake Michigan, including Pere Marquette Beach, a certified Great Lakes “clean beach.” Muskegon State Park provides hiking and camping opportunities in the summer, and ice skating, cross-country skiing and even a luge track in the winter. The city is also home to Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park.

Saugatuck, Michigan

lakeshoreresortWhen you reach 219,647 total steps, you are in Saugatuck, Michigan.  Originally a lumber town and port, Saugatuck became a noted art colony and tourist destination in the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century. Today, tourists are drawn to the art galleries, harbor, marinas, scenery, and the view from atop Mount Baldhead.

Post your total step counts from this week by clicking on the comment bubble on the upper right hand corner of this post.

El Camino De Santiago

Well Walk ND we have made it 250 km (I am too tired to convert that to miles at this time. It has been going well but it seems like once you get over one ailment another emerges. The blisters are no longer a problem but l knee pain kicks in. The joke is that you do not focus on what hurts but what hurts the most!

On the Camino we follow markers along trails, paths and even highways. The markers of the Camino are yellow arrows and shells. The markers are pretty easy to follow but there are times in big cities or if you you are not paying attention that you can get off track. Only a few times have we  gone astray but luckily a local will let us know we are going the wrong direction before we get to far off the path. How kind because I really do not feel the need to add any distance to our journey!