Championship Deterred

As excited as we all for this post season, it has taken a dramatic turn that leads me to believe that this season’s championship should be stricken from the record books or recorded with an asterisk.  After the first slew of games, there’s no Dwight Howard, no Jeremy Lin, no Derrick Rose, no Iman Shumpert, an ailing Ray Allen, a hurt Z-Bo, an injured Hortford and a suspended Ron Artest.  The hectic season was a fast-paced, action-packed sprint for fans, but we must now ask the question was it worth it?  While I personally enjoyed the endless action, I now look back and think that it severely handicapped the NBA’s second season. Without the players listed above, its impossible to truly tell whose the best team.  The championship team may in fact be who had the healthiest super stars at the end of the year, which should never be the case.

The Derrick Rose injury is by far the most significant and one the entire city of Chicago feared after watching him limp through the last ten games.  The season wore down Rose and now the Bulls-Heat burgeoning rivalry will be pushed back another year along with the Bulls’ title aspirations.  While I accept that injuries are part of the game, I can’t help but look back and wonder what if there was more rest during the season, would we have the same champion?

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