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Since my Bulls no longer have Derrick Rose, part of me has already transition into offseason mode.  Therefore I’ve started to set myself on the NBA draft.  While the Bulls need to add another perimeter scorer, my focus is on the lowly Bobcats and the lottery.

The Bobcats just completed the year with the WORST winning percentage in NBA history despite having the BEST player ever as an owner.  Michael Jordan has now destroyed two franchises, the first of which being the Wizards – still feeling the aftermath as having the second worst record in the NBA this season.  Some may argue that Jordan did the right thing by getting bad – incredibly bad for that matter – before getting better.  I do not hold that viewpoint.

Jordan traded away Tyson Chandler, now a leading candidate for Defensive Player of the Year.  He jettisoned Gerald Wallace, widely considered one of the mos thigh-flying athletic wing players.  Furthermore, he made a dark horse playoff team into the worst team ever.  Tyson Chandler could have been a cornerstone of the franchise and Wallace as his wingman.  Instead Byron Mullins, who hardly looks like he weighs 200 punds wet despite being seven foot tall, is the starting center for the Bobcats.  Jordan did the same thing with the Wizards trading away a versatile Rip Hamilton and adding a disappointing Jerry Stackhouse.  He alienated the team by praising a player one day and defacing him the next.  He has zero clue how to handle players and therefore should not be given the benefit of the doubt just because of his playing accolades.

Not only can Jordan not manage his personnel, he also has no idea how to handle the draft.  Jordan has been a part of two of the worst lottery picks in the last twenty years: Adam Morrison third overall for Charlotte and Kwame Brown first overall for the Wizards.  After drafting straight out of high school, he has only drafted “proven” college players ala Morrison.  But this has resulted miserably – Jordan has yet to have a winning season off the court in an executive role.  So even though, Anthony Davis will most likely fall into his lap, I’m going to reserve judgment until we see how Jordan interacts with the potential superstar.  I for one think Jordan may ruin another prospect resulting in another disappointing eyar for the Bobcats.

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