Welcome to the 2018 AAUW-ND Women Leaders in STEM Program!

Welcome to the 2018 Women Leaders in STEM (WL-STEM) Program! WL-STEM Program was founded to promote and empower women leaders in our community by fostering professional development for graduate and postdoctoral scholars across the campus. This program will create a bridge between women with leadership experience and women seeking advice on leadership and professionalization. The WL-STEM Committee’s role is to ensure that each and every mentor and mentee relationship develops into a worthwhile and enriching experience this semester.  

The inaugural group of WL-STEM Program includes 25 Notre Dame faculty and staff mentors and 26 graduate student and postdoc research mentees! Attached is a brief document to guide you through your mentoring relationship, please review and complete the contract. All mentees are required to meet with their mentors and submit their contract no later than March 1, 2018.  We have included the contact information for your mentor/mentee below.

Please join us on February 12th to celebrate and recognize women leaders at Notre Dame. This is also a great time for each mentor and mentee to get acquainted and develop their negotiated agreement that will assist in setting goals for the program. If you are not able to attend the kickoff event, please schedule an alternative date to meet with your mentor/mentee.

We look forward to an exciting semester with you.