They say that big labels have a stranglehold on the music industry these days, making it almost impossible for an independent band to have any sort of widespread success. It looks like Cincinnati-based indie pop-rock quartet Walk The Moon didn’t get the memo. In the last two years they’ve toured with big name groups such as Panic! at the Disco and Young the Giant, put out a few EP’s, booked hundreds of shows across the country including Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, and attracted  an enormous cult-following all on their own, completely independent.

Now they just signed a lucrative deal with RCA and have put out their self-titled debut album Walk the Moon and it is nothing short of what you would expect coming off of the success of their last EP Anna Sun. It’s clear that their new big-wig record label hasn’t changed the same electrically-charged, rhythmic style that gained them their popularity.

With melodic synth riffs, bouncing baselines, and dance-inducing drums, the album is definitely a lot of fun. The instrumentation is amazing, layering countless different layers of synth, guitar, base, drums, and incredible harmonized vocals to create a overall really unique and intricate sound.

That being said, where the band comes up big on the musical front, lyrically some of the songs come up short. Don’t get me wrong, every song on this album is nothing short of a dance-party inducing fun time, but lyrically some of the tracks fail to live up to the incredible musicality that makes them great.

Overall, Walk The Moon’s self-titled, big record debut is a pretty great album. From the fast-paced dance anthems “Quesadilla”, “Anna Sun”, and “Tightrope”, to the slower but nevertheless fun “Fixin”, and the power-ballad “Iscariot” the album feels really complete and has something for every listener. With the recent trend of indie/alternative songs making transitions from the lonely, hipster coffee-house circles to mainstream Top 40 radio stations, I really think Walk The Moon is a name to look out for. I could see the first single off this single “Anna Sun” (which is already a hit on indie/alternative radio) following in the footsteps of recent indie hits such as Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”, and FUN.’s “We Are Young” and “Some Nights” and making a big break into the Billboard charts.

Walk The Moon is currently finishing up a European tour but will be headed back to the States immediately after to start up a continental tour. Make sure to check out their face-painted, strobe-lighted, dance party shows when they come to town.

Walk The Moon is available on iTunes and be sure to check out the band’s website at for tour info, merch, and updates from the band. Follow them on Twitter at @WalkTheMoonBand

Check out the video for “Anna Sun” which is nothing short of what you would expect from this band: a one-take, pumped-up dance party.

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