While all of you were enjoying things like sleep over fall break, a group of twelve pilgrims were hiking around the Holy Land retracing the steps of Jesus Christ. In addition to the religious aspects of this trip which focused on Judeo-Christian relations, another main theme of the week was the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. We discussed the issue with both Israelis and Palestinians. Both sides seem to have some valid concerns as well as some slightly ridiculous and very harsh ideas about the other side. What affected me the most was a wall built to divide the West Bank from Israel. This wall was constructed in about 24 hours by the Israeli government. Their reason for putting up the wall without any warning or notice is supposedly security but there are many reasons to doubt this motive. Littered with international support and graffiti, the wall is only 60% completed and of that, only about 6% is actual concrete wall while the rest is a fence. The fact that such a violent and caustic conflict could take place on such holy ground blows my mind. Here are some images of what this wall looks like and the support pouring in for Palestine.

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Sara is a sophomore theology and peace studies major. This is her second year working on The Dome as a photographer. She enjoys long walks around the lakes, drinking water, and getting caught in the rain. Get to know her.