Getting my feet wet (and pretty much everything… it’s the wet season in Costa Rica)

I’ve already arrived here in Costa Rica and this time it’s different *insert dramatic duhn duhn duhn*. This summer I have had the privilege to be selected to join 2 other students in internships in Costa Rica and I am super excited about this opportunity. Last summer as a part of the SLA grant I was able to come to Costa Rica and continue my growth in Spanish but after a semester of studying in Mexico, I’m ready to return and show off my skills.

My family is originally from Costa Rica so I have always held it close to my heart, returning here almost every year for the past 4 years. This summer I will also be able to live with my aunt and uncle as they live near where I am set to work. This is a super special opportunity for me as it gives me even more time to spend with my family and really get into a routine.

I’ll keep this short but I would like to get some of my goals in writing because I think that’s important in seeing them come to fruition. So without further ado:

  • Improve Spanish within a Business context
  • Immerse myself into “living” in Costa Rica (less tourism more local)
  • Lose the fear/ embarrassment of making a mistake for good
  • Gain real-life work experience that I can use in upcoming interviews