The Africa Graduate Club of Notre Dame (AGC) is a student-led club with a network of graduate students from Africa and those interested in Africa across the prestigious University of Notre Dame’s Business, Law, Graduate, Global Affairs, and Architecture Schools.

The Club’s vision is to enhance collaboration amongst our stakeholders, deepen Notre Dame’s impact on the African continent, and extend Africa-focused initiatives in diverse fields. One approach to realize this vision is to foster professor-student relationships here at Notre Dame, as well as external partnerships, through regular networking, professional events, and information exchange centered on Africa.

Our Mission

The mission of the AGC is to educate our student body and the wider community about the immense opportunities that exist in Africa and inspire them to get involved in Africa as an important region.

Through a series of keynote speeches, panels, and interactive sessions, we hope to build connections between Notre Dame and the diverse talent, opulent resources, and unique innovation throughout the vibrant continent of Africa.

Our Objectives

  • Engage in community building activities to ease the integration of our members and alleviate some of the difficulties with job search/recruitment, finding career opportunities, immigration, and integration into the US
  • Enhance the experience of African students by providing support throughout the students’ journey from admissions recruitment to graduation
  • Organize networking activities for African students and professors, and support future collaborations between these stakeholders
  • Collaborate with Notre Dame administrative offices focused on international development to increase their projects and engagement in Africa
  • Encourage faculty to include case studies on African Organizations and Projects in the curriculum
  • Provide academic and social support to members of the AGC
  • Strengthen and extend the impact of our Africa alumni networks by acting as a conduit for proposed students, existing students, and alumni
  • Support existing and future African alumni network initiatives and collaboration efforts with the University
  • Facilitate conversations on issues related to Africa with the aim of creating awareness and opportunities for engagement
  • Develop an outward-looking perspective that goes beyond Notre Dame and seeks to participate in developing innovative solutions to solve complex problems in Africa
  • Collaborate with Institutes and Organizations at the University of Notre Dame to bring distinguished speakers from the continent to the University of Notre Dame
  • Establish relationships with Africa-centered organizations to facilitate opportunities for students interested in working or launching entrepreneurial ventures in Africa
  • Collaborate with sister clubs to establish and facilitate networking opportunities for members
  • Educate our student body and the wider community about the immense opportunities that exist in Africa
For general inquiries about the club, kindly contact us at: agc@nd.edu