Notre Dame IrishSat

Mission Statement

The mission of Notre Dame IrishSat (IrishSat) is to undertake the process of launching CubeSats through NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI). Throughout this process, IrishSat seeks to educate, develop, and innovate at the University of Notre Dame. IrishSat seeks to educate the next generation of astronautical engineers at Notre Dame through hands-on experience with fundamental concepts of design, construction, testing, and implementation as related to satellite operations. IrishSat seeks to develop systems incorporating communications, power, orientation, structural mechanics, and scientific testing that allow for the successful performance of a satellite in orbit. IrishSat seeks to conduct research in a low earth orbit environment capable of pushing the boundaries in a variety of fields including astrophysics, biology, communications, and others.


The long term vision for the team is to be capable of fully autonomous CubeSat operations at the University of Notre Dame. This includes a communications ground station performed in coordination with the University of Notre Dame’s Wireless Institute and CubeSat testing capabilities on Notre Dame’s campus. Future team members will be able to develop CubeSat proposals and participate in the CSLI with all design, construction, and testing performed on campus.

Leadership and Organization Structure

  • Project Manager – Will Karpick
  • Lead Engineer – Owen Krantz
  • Treasurer – Alex Tullman
  • Communications Lead– Ben Poag
  • Scientific Payload Coordinator – Drew Langford
  • Power and Computing Lead – Stuart Hayden
  • Structures and Orientation Leads – Estefy Castillo, Tyler MacKnight, Peter McDonald, John McBride
  • Faculty Mentor – Professor Scott Howard