Q: A List of Companies Offering Internships?


I am a foreign student from the Netherlands. I want to perform an internship in the USA, in specific in South Bend if possible.

my study major is mechanical engineering, with the minors Production engineering and Thermodynamical Engineering.

I don’t know if you students have to perform an internship.

I want to know if you have a kind of database of company’s offering intern positions.

The period of my internship would be from February 2014 up to June/July 2014. It must be 720 working hours.

could any of you help me with some kind of list containing interesting company’s for a internship?

With kindly regards.

Jorn Nijenhuis




Thank you for asking, Jorn.

Graduate students in Mechanical Engineering at Notre Dame are not required to complete any external internships, so there is no specific list of intern positions.  The website for Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering<http://ame.nd.edu/> can help you see the areas of research being done here, as well as faculty members working on specific projects.