Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows presenters to determine the current level of understanding, gather feedback, and reinforce key points. They can create a poll with multiple choice or free response questions, utilizing images and formulas. The poll can be presented online, or directly embedded into a presentation. As the audience watches the presentation, they can easily respond to poll questions from their cell phone, smart phone, or computer. Votes are routed to web servers, where the vote is recorded. Once recorded, charts update in seconds, visually displaying live results. This feedback allows the presenter to make sure that the audience is following the material, and even incorporate their opinions directly into the presentation.


At Notre Dame, the Poll Everywhere system has been in place for six years in a wide variety of applications across campus. It has been successfully implemented for classroom use and campus events. Some recent events using Poll Everywhere include the Gigot Center Ideas Challenge and the Student Film Festival, both of which use Poll Everywhere to allow the audience to vote and determine award winners. In the classroom, 19 faculty members are currently using the premium version of Poll Everywhere and many other faculty are using the free version to engage students in learning. Poll Everywhere is a valuable educational tool, and the number of Notre Dame professors looking to incorporate it into their courses has been growing every year.

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