Is Google Classroom right for you?

A team of Notre Dame staff and faculty recently reviewed Google Classroom to see if this new learning management system has potential.  We we were encouraged how Classroom tries to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments paperlessly and how it ties many of Google’s products (but not all) together.  However, there were many more things that discouraged us than encouraged us about Classroom.

For example, Classroom has no gradebook, no tests and quizzes, no discussion forums, no calendar, no way to connect Classroom to our student information system to automatically create and populate classes with students, and no way to connect to other systems like Piazza or Kaltura using the Learning Tools Operability (LTI) standard used by all the major learning management systems.  We really wanted to like Classroom, but this lack of basic tools made us decide that Classroom was not right for us at this time.

We will continue to monitor Classroom’s development and possibly revisit this decision at a later date depending on the progress of Classroom’s tool set.

If you would like to read our review of Google Classroom, please visit this link to our report in Google Docs:



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